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Option 4: 7 Day Child Travelcard

To buy a 7-day child travelcard in London there are 3 options: 1 – By adding a weekly travelcard into a Zip Oyster photocard. This is undoubtedly the most complicated option, as you need to request a Zip Card Oyster photocard first and then add the 7-day travelcard onto it. 2 – Buy a 7-day child travelcard online. This is probably the easiest way of getting one, as you do not need a Zip Oyster photocard and they will send it to your home address before you travel. 3 – Buy a 7-day child travelcard at a national railway ticket office (not an underground station).

People 16 to 18 years old

People aged 16 to 18 can also apply for a 16 – 18 Zip Oyster photocard, which will apply half adult rates on any form of public transport in London. Travelcards at a reduced price can also be added onto Zip Oyster photocards.
For more information about travelling in London with kids visit: Transport for London.

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Travelling in London with kids: Travelling to Central London from the airport
Stansted, Luton and Gatwick airports are all located outside London’s Travel Zones, so fares when travelling with kids to and from these airports are different to fares when travelling in London with kids, so under 11-year old children will need a ticket.

An Oyster card is valid for travel into Central London from Gatwick Airport, but children under 11 will also need a train ticket to get to central London from Gatwick Airport, even if they are accompanied by an adult.

Heathrow and London City Airports are both inside London Travel Zones, so fares are as explained above. Children under 11 travel free and Children under 16 can travel with an Oyster card with young visitor discount.

Travelling in London with a buggy

If you are planning a trip with a baby or toddler, it may be that you wish to bring your buggy or stroller to London, especially if you’re planning on spending the whole day walking around London.

Travelling in London with a buggy can be quite easy if you know which route is best, or it can be a complete nightmare if you have to go up or down 300 steps when there are no lifts.

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Don’t stress, we’re going to explain how to travel on London´s public transport with a buggy.

Travelling on London´s buses with a buggy

Public buses in London have a dedicated wheelchair and buggy space as well as easy street-level access. Travelling by bus with a buggy normally is the easiest option to get around London. You can enter the bus via the back door, which makes it a bit easier too. Up to two pushchairs are allowed in the dedicated buggy space on a bus but do bear in mind that during busy periods you may be asked to wait for the next bus or collapse your pushchair.

Travelling on the London Underground with a buggy

The trick to travelling in London with kids using a pushchair is to check London´s accessible underground map in advance and choose your route carefully. Being able to plan your route choosing accessible stations makes life much easier, and it may just mean that you need to get off at the next stop and walk 5 minutes, rather than having to take a buggy and a baby up 100 steps.

Unfortunately, not all underground stations in London are accessible. Most underground stations in London will have escalators, and many stations will also have some stairs at some point before reaching the platform. Many other stations have lifts to some of the platforms, and some stations are completely accessible, with lifts from the ticket office to the platform.

If you need help going up or down the stairs and you ask a member of staff for help, for health and safety reasons they will ask you to carry the baby and they will take the buggy for you.

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London Underground Accessibility Maps

On the London Underground map, you will see that accessible underground stations are marked with the symbol of a wheelchair, in either a blue circle or a white circle.

• Blue circle: the underground station is fully accessible, which means that it is possible to go from street-level onto the underground carriage without any steps at all. In these cases, the platform will have an area that is slightly elevated to avoid any steps when getting onto the train.

• White circle: this means that there are no steps from street-level to platform, but there is some unevenness when getting onto the train. This is important for someone using a wheelchair, but it normally isn´t a problem when taking a buggy onto the train.

In addition to this map, there’s a Step Free Tube Map that is a lot more detailed and the one we’d recommend you check when travelling on the London Underground with a buggy. This map highlights the degree of accessibility at each station in detail and it also explains how accessible it is to change between underground lines at different stations.

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