The 13 Best YouTubers in New York City in 2022 | Wedio (2023)

Since YouTube launched, it has been the top platform for creative people. There are a ton of different genres of videos uploaded every single minute.

New York City is a city full of creative people, and of course there are some incredible YouTubers as well.

We've gathered the best YouTubers in NYC to celebrate their work.

If you have a dream of becoming a YouTuber yourself, then check out our 10 step guide on how to get started on YouTube.

1. Casey Neistat (12,4 million subscribers)

It is no surprise that Casey Neistat is on our list of YouTubers in New York City. Neistat has been on the top of the YouTube game for over a decade. He is also featured on our list of famous YouTubers.

Neistat has over 12 million subscribers and over 3 billion total views as of writing. His content consists of vlogs about his everyday experiences. He also makes short films and has worked with commercials with brands like Samsung, Nike, and Google.

He recently released a video about a HIDDEN VIDEO CAMERA, where he engineers a video camera into his glasses. It's no wonder he uploads so rarely because his videos are always entertaining and creative.

Check out his videos on his channel.

2. Qpark (9,96 million subscribers)

Qpark, or Joyce Tanner as his legal name is, is a famous YouTuber and former Vine star.

He mainly makes comedy videos like sketches, skits, pranks, and challenge videos. He has been creating content for the better part of 14 years.

He is known for his public challenge and prank videos. Most of his videos are him dancing, acting, or singing in public. It leaves me to believe he simply can't feel embarrassed.

He recently uploaded a video called SQUID GAME IN REAL LIFE, where he reenacts several key scenes from the hit show in public. However, despite his best efforts, I doubt his challenges are the weirdest thing New Yorkers see on a day-to-day basis.

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Check out his YouTube channel.

3. Brad Mondo (7,25 million subscribers)

Mondo is number three on our list of YouTubers in New York City. He is a hairstylist who has made YouTube videos ever since age 12.

He started gaining traction with his Hairdresser Reacts series by reacting to different hairstyle videos.

What attracts his millions of viewers is his approach to making entertaining and educational videos. He is always ready with advice, and being a trained hairstylist, he knows what he's talking about!

Learn more about hairstyling on his channel.

4. LaurenzSide (6,12 million subscribers)

LaurenzSide is number four in our list of YouTubers in New York City. She is a self-proclaimed "Gaming Comedian" who mainly makes videos with her commentary and jump-cut style.

She originally made her channel to upload vlogs but stopped when she went to college. When she returned in 2013, she started uploading gaming videos.

She is mainly known for her Sims and Minecraft playthroughs. She also plays VR games and regularly plays games with her friends online.

Check out her videos here.

The 13 Best YouTubers in New York City in 2022 | Wedio (1)

5. Maangchi (5,78 million subscribers)

Maangchi is run by Emily Kim, a South Korean YouTube who lives in New York City. New York Times named her as "YouTube's Korean Julia Child."

She started her YouTube journey in 2007 and has taught us to cook incredible Korean food ever since. Her videos are educational, quick, and easy-to-follow, so much so that even I can do it!

In 2015 she released her first cookbook, Real Korean Cooking, where she created 125 recipes for real Korean food.

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Learn all the amazing Korean recipes on her channel.

6. Censor (2,47 million subscribers)

Censor, or Doug Martin, is a professional gamer and YouTuber. He became famous as a professional Call of Duty player, starting with COD: Black Ops.

He has played for Quantic, EnVy, Strictly Business and was a part of FaZe for quite a while. If I lost you, these are all esports teams, so think Manchester United, Dallas Cowboys, or New York Knicks.

He mainly makes gaming content on Call Of Duty, where he showcases highlights of his competitive play. He also makes vlogs about his life in general.

He is an example that being a gamer doesn't mean being in bad shape. This is solidified with his Gymshark sponsorship.

Check out his channel.

7. LivingBobby (2,33 million subscribers)

LivingBobby, or Bobby Briskey, is a traveling YouTuber who makes videos from countries everywhere.

His videos often include juxtapositions, such as his World's Cheapest vs. Most Expensive Pizza video. He also does challenges such as living on chicken wings for 24 hours.

Bobby always finds an interesting concept to make a video on, and he never disappoints with his uploads. His goal is to show people that it is possible to live out their dream of traveling.

Check out his channel for wholesome and exciting traveling content.

8. Tess Christine (2,33 million subscribers)

Tess Christine is a beauty vlogger who has been making videos since 2011. Her videos mainly feature fashion and various makeup products.

She also makes vlogs about her life with her partner and her newborn son. Her son was born in July of 2021, and he is already a YouTube star, having been featured in several videos.


Her channel has gone through quite a change going from a regular beauty channel to content about pregnancy and now about motherhood. It is interesting to watch a channel grow alongside t's creator and viewers.

If you want to learn more about Tess Christine, check out her channel.

9. Erik Conover (1,83 million subscribers)

Erik Conover is YouTuber, filmmaker, former model, and current real estate agent. Yes, that is quite the resume.

He started his YouTube career by uploading travel and lifestyle vlogs. He made videos about his travels to Asia and vlogs about his life in New York.

His most popular YouTube series is his Luxury Listings series. It features expensive houses around America, where he takes us inside. Think MTV Cribs but more classy.

If that sounds interesting to you, then check out his channel.

The 13 Best YouTubers in New York City in 2022 | Wedio (2)

10. Kelsey Simone (1,64 million subscribers)

Kelsey Simone is number ten in our list of YouTubers in New York City. She is a fashion and lifestyle YouTuber who shares tips and tricks on her channel.

She regularly uploads videos about different outfits great for a particular season or holiday. She also shares vlogs about her life and how it is to live in NY.

Living in New York City means that she is close to some of the best fashion in the world, and it shows in her videos. So if you're looking for advice on the newest trends, you know who to go to!

If you want to learn more about makeup or fashion, go to her channel.

11. Michelle Choi (1,21 million subscribers)

Michelle Choi is a lifestyle and beauty YouTuber who mainly makes vlogs about her life in New York City.

She talks about makeup, recipes, daily life, and mental health. She currently has a video series called Living Alone Diaries. Here she shares a glimpse of her life and how it is to live alone in a New York apartment.

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Outside of her videos, she also runs her own line of merchandise called Little Puffy.

You can learn more about her on her channel.

12. Brett Conti (393 thousand subscribers)

Brett Conti is a YouTuber making videos about entrepreneurship, based in New York City.

He is a former skateboarder, and he currently runs his own clothing brand called Fortune. His videos are creative, and he always finds something new and exciting to record.

He loves to do challenges for himself, such as working on Wall Street for a day or opening a rooftop bar. He also shares videos about his entrepreneur life and gives lessons about his learning.

If you want to learn more about the life of an entrepreneur, follow his channel.

13. Here Be Barr (234 thousand subscribers)

Here Be Barr is run by Jon Barr, a former sportscaster who now functions as a travel vlogger.

His videos are known for being handy and straight-to-the-point guides about traveling. As he is based in New York City, you can be sure that he knows what he is talking about!

He recently released a video showcasing all of the different Home Alone 2 locations around New York City. It is a must-see guide for anyone visiting NYC during the holidays.

If you want to learn more about destinations in NYC, check out his channel.

Closing thoughts

That concludes our article on YouTubers in New York City. I hope you enjoyed it and found some new people to follow or get inspired by.

If you are interested in improving your videos, try reading our article on the basics of filmmaking. It could give you a few tricks for handling a camera or writing a script.

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