York City Walking Tour | York Dungeons (2023)

We invite Little Peasants and their families to embark on a new City Walking Tour!


Discover the toe-curling tales of the city...

...as two of our favourite Dungeon residents, the ever so bonkers & slightly sarcastic Dungeon Jester and our most ugliest & smelliest peasant Smedley, are being released onto the streets of the city to take little peasants and their families on a journey to discover York’s HAUNTED history.

York City Walking Tour | York Dungeons (1)

What to expect

  • The Little Peasants City Walking Tour is 60 minutes of walking, laughing and learning and is suitable for all the family
  • Learn about York’s most infamous rogues and heavenly saints including Dick Turpin, Guy Fawkes and the Pearl of York herself, Margaret Clitherow. Enjoy stories of Roman exploits and Viking invasions!
  • See York’s most spectacular sights including Clifford’s Tower, York Minster and The Shambles, just to name a few. And don’t forget the many tales of tragedy, horror, hangings and ghosts - Boo!

On the Little Peasants City Walking Tour, there will be plenty to see, lots to learn and a barrel load of laughs with Jester & Smedley.

You must have a little peasant (child!) in your party to take on the Walking Tour and all tickets must be booked online in advance. Also, we demand... we mean... request that all peasants arrive promptly at the York Dungeon for their tour or else the Dungeon Jester and Smedley WILL leave you behind!

Please note Entry to the York Dungeon experience is not included and must be purchased separately.

Walking Tour

Online from


Per adult

Online from


Per child

Ticket includes

  • Visit some of York's most (in)famous landmarks with our notorious characters
  • Expect stories, suspense & surprises around every corner
  • Great value family friendly fun in York, perfect for kids too scared for The Dungeon
  • This ticket does not include entry to the York Dungeon and you must have a little peasant (child!) in your party to take on the Walking Tour


Dates: Saturdays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from the 23rd July to the 3rd September 2022

Times: 11:30am, 1pm, 3pm and 4:30pm

  • Adults (Age 16+) - £9.95
  • Children (Age 3-15) £7.95
  • Under 3's - Free

The Little Peasants City Walking Tour lasts 60 minutes in total. Make sure your little peasants are happy to walk for an hour!

You get wet. Bring an umbrella, and an extra one for us too, if it's scheduled to rain.

Well if you're trying to impress the Jester or Smedley, your finest attire with your most expensive fragrance... but we doubt anyone will attempt that. So just something comfortable with appropriate footwear for the cobbled streets and uneven surfaces of York!

We leave from The York Dungeon of course, be on time - or else you'll get left behind!

The Tour ends at the York Minster (one of the finest spots of York!) however if you do want to return to the dark & murky Dungeon then you can always accompany our characters on their return.

You must have a little peasant (child!) in your party to take on the Walking Tour.

The York Walking Tour is family-friendly, great for little peasants - but the walk does last 60 minutes so be sure they can handle it.

You can book your ticket here. Please note you must have a child in your party to take on the Walking Tour.


"What a fabulous walking tour!!! We toured York with the Black Jester and Smedley as a treat for my daughter's birthday. Absolutely brilliant!!!"

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